Scan Lines during games

Hi new here but i always come to this forum to browse awnsers to my many PC woes.

Basically Im i got a new PC a month or so ago (specs at the bottem) and ive been going left right and centre sorting out
certain issues with it but my latest has left me a bit stumped -

When ever im playing games - most noticable in skyrim - there are scan lines across the screen that i can see more in darker areas and specially if i activate the steam community thingy (shift/tab) its more intest in certain areas.

Now im pretty sure its not the graphics cards becouse just today i swapped out the PC's original asus directcuII 580 for a gainward gtx 580 and i remeber the asus having scan lines aswell (I was busy trying to sort out BSOD and "your graphics driver has stoped responding" errors to really care about the scan lines) but since the crashes have stopped i really want to get these lines sorted.

If anyone has any idea what it could be i would be very greatful!!! massivly greatful infact as im SO close to having the PC running the way you would expect.

Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz stock speeds
Gainward gtx 580 1.5gb (was the asus direct cu2 580)
8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz Memory
120GB OCZ Solid State Drive
2TB SATA Hard Drive
LG Blu Ray drive

The monitor is a LG Flatron W2242S (VGA connection only on the back) im steering more towards it being becouse of this CACK vga connection.
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  1. I get weird coloured lines and all kinds of problems when either my graphics card or processor are overheating or overclocked too much. I know you haven't overclocked but try finding out the temperature of the graphics and the processor. I know everyone says, try reinstalling the graphics drivers after completely removing the old ones, but it can work sometimes so try that if you haven't already.

    As you said the VGA connection on your monitor could be the problem. I have issues with my secondary monitor (Which uses VGA) and I realised the pins inside the VGA lead itself were bent, check that as well, but if it only happens during gaming or under load I'd begin to doubt the connection :)

    Good Luck!
  2. Is V-Sync on?
  3. It's not overheating there all running at normal tempratures and it'll do it even after a second of running the game. it doesn't look like an artifact or a graphical distortions. It looks a bit like when your searching for a channel on an old tv or when a phone goes off near screen with no micro shielding.

    Annnnd v-sync is on it definitely isn't screen tearing, my screen seems to tear like a soggy tissue when v-syncs off.

    I've ordered a new VGA to dvi cable to see if that makes a difference...
  4. The cable is probably your best bet. I can't think of anything else it could be apart from a dodgy connection.
  5. Had the same issue. Bought a new GTX 560 ti overclocked and when in games i could see transparent lines going up and down, in darker areas/shadows, which weren't noticable in bright areas. I went out and bought a DVI-D to DVI-D cable and tried it and the problem is solved. So it has something to do with the VGA cable maybe because the signal is analog.
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