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PC Can't Turn on With Graphics Card Power Connected

Trying to hook up my old gaming pc. I vaguely remember that the XFX Gefore 9600 GSO card in the box had overheated when I used it last. Now when I power up with the 6-pin power connected to the card, the fans spin for a split second then die out. Turns on fine with the card in without it's power cord connected. I assume the card is dead, and just drawing power causing the PSU to give up. Is it worth it to spend 100$ on a new card, assuming that the old card is the problem? Thank you!
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  1. Either that or the PSU cannot support the load.
  2. Right. It blew a 600W PSU when it overheated before. Right now I'm trying to use a 550W. I guess my best bet is to just buy a new card then if need be, buy a new PSU. I just hope that the mobo isn't dead and I end up needed almost a whole new rig.
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    Jaymulder, I would recommend you to get a proper PSU and GPU if you can. I would recommend 80 Plus Bronze / Silver PSU and decent GPU, such as: "Sapphire HD6750 2GB". Here is the Link:
  4. Do you think that would be the best card for around 100-150$? I was looking at the EVGA GeForce GTX 550. I just want something that is reliable and can play COD and WoW without any issue. I really know nothing about graphics card these days.
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