Opinions of CORSAIR Builder Series CX600

Currently listed at Newegg.com for $69.99 / $49.99 after rebate.

I've read hundreds of reviews from various sites - most good / some bad, but I don't trust them. I wanted to hear what the experts think.

600 watts is probably overkill for my low-end pooter (FX 4100 and to-be-determined $100+- video card), but I don't mind spending a little extra to have future options.
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  1. ^+1 PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 500W is a great power supply!
  2. Thank you for the quick responses. I figured going with 600 W would give me future building options to some of the bigger graphic cards?

    I also noticed that for some reason my motherboard manual (GA-78LMT-S2P) recommends at least 500 W which I thought was a bit much for such a cheapo mobo.?.
  3. For just a motherboard and CPU using onboard graphics you can get by with a 250w power supply. The graphics card is the real power hog.

    Any single graphics card system even with a GTX 580/680 will run fine with a 550w power supply.


    If you plan on upgrading to a $500 graphics card in the future then there is a 600w version of that same power supply for a great price.


    Some other very good models.

  4. A 400w psu would be sufficient, but yeah going to a 550w would allow you some upgrade room.

    My opinion of Corsair CX? Just OK. It's a decent budget psu but I suggest something at least bronze rated which you should be able to find in the same price range.
  5. Thanks for the opinions, links and advice! Exactly the stuff I was looking for.

    I love this site. :love: Gave me the confidence to build a computer with virtually no knowledge whatsoever.
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