Update Bios with unsupported CPU?

I ordered an Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge with an ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard.

It'll support IB after bios update but would it still "somewhat" work without the latest bios? In other words :

If the motherboard doesn't come with newest bios, would I still be able to install my Windows OS and update my bios with my "unsupported" CPU?

Or can I just update my bios using a USB drive?

Worst case scenario, do I have to get a supported CPU just to update my bios?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You will have to find a "supported CPU," that is, any Sandy Bridge CPU, even a cheap Celeron G530 will do.
  2. System will need to be running to update the BIOS.
    Have you checked the NewEgg customer comments to see if anyone else tried a i5-3570K and got it to work without a BIOS upgrade?
    Have you thought about changing your motherboard order to a Z77 model?
  3. Check the NewEgg feedback customer reports
    Look for several mentions of IVY Bridge. A few have tried tried that board with an IVB CPU.
    It didn't post.
  4. i would suggest using a cheap compatible CPU just to upgrade the BIOS then turn off the computer return the CPU or use that CPU in another computer which it is also compatible with putting the Ivy Bridge CPU into it next before installing the OS as the OS might need another software license if you change out the hardware which you are installing it upon especially if you change out the CPU but that all depends on whether or not you are planning on a reinstall in the future which is all possible.
  5. I will see if I know anyone with supported CPUs. If not, I'll just settle for the I5-2500k. I was hoping there was an "secret" solution or some sort someone knew here. Lmao.

    Thanks for all the quick replies.
  6. Update bios with usb, it should boot with the cpu in. First, put the new bios onto your usb and install the cpu then boot the system and update the bios.
  7. I thought you wouldn't be able to update bios if it doesn't post?
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    Here is what one ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 owner reported:
  9. seems like a lot of trouble for something thats only slightly slightly better.
    I think the I5-2500k would be more than enough and it'll suffice. I heard its overclock capabilities are really good too.
    Thanks everyone for helping.
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  11. Where you able to switch out CPUs before your order shipped?
  12. I could just refuse the shipping to send it back for a refund while I order the other one :D
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