Do PSU's work internationally?

Quick question, because you guys are al so helpful, and this website rocks.

I live in Canada, and will be moving to Australia. I understand our outlets are 110V and theirs are 240V. If a PSU has an intake of 100V-265V, does that mean it will work with any wall outlet in that range of voltage? I'm looking at a 550W Corsair High Current Gamer PSU and I want to build my rig before I move and bring it there (mATX, very small), but I don't want to buy a PSU here and find out I can't use it there. Also, my father is very doubtful it will even work there, but I'm pretty sure that because of its voltage intake, it will work there.

It has a voltage intake of 100V-265V.

Thanks guys! :D
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  1. It should! How come they sell the same power supply in the us, uk, and australia?
  2. Yes
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    Do you mean the Antec High Current Gamer (available in 520W but not 550W)?

    The Corsair Gaming Series is available in 500W, but not 550W:

    The Corsair Enthusiast Series is available in 550W:

    All of those models auto switch to any voltage in their operating range. What is the specific model that you are looking at?
  4. The plug on the end of the PSU AC cord won't be the same.
    That's about the only niggle in your plan and it's not a big one.
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