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SLI -- MSI GTX460 HAWK + ANY Other GTX460 ?

Is it possible to SLI between Two different makes of the same card.

I hv a MSI Hawk GTX460 and for unknown reason I am not able to find another MSI HAWK. So can I just get any other GTX460 like ASUS or Zotac etc and will SLI work?
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  1. Yes you can,brands don't matter.
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    you can use different makes of cards, but make sure clock speeds are the same.
    I recently got 2nd gigabyte gtx 460 but soc version opposed to my plain oc'd version, loads of probs untill some one told me match clock speeds and hey presto works perfect.
    you will not be dissapointed in two gtx460's these things munch through any game im playing at 1920x1080.
    enjoy :)
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