Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Driver

Using Win 7, I plug in a SanDisk Cruzer micro 2 gb flashdrive to the USB port but the drive is not detected. I can do the same from an XP machine and the flashdrive is not detected. If it was detected, I could go to computer management and select it, but since it is not detected, that is not an option. I have lots of data on this flashdrive and have used it extensively with both the XP and Win 7 machines but now it is not detected. Any thoughts on how to force detection? Unfortunately I suspect the USB connector has gone bad.
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  1. Is there an led on the cruzer to show it is getting power?
  2. Yes their is an LED and it is NOT illuminated (no power).
  3. Likely it has died.
  4. With a USB flash drive , no power is a sign that it's expired.
  5. Lifespan of USB flash drives are very unpredictable.
  6. Unfortunately that's what I was afraid of. Thank you though.
  7. Your Welcome!
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