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Hello, First off I would like to say that I am a complete noob to pcs so please no confusing answers. I was planning on getting a pc for gaming and would like advice as to which motherboard I should get for the i5 3570k processor. I was planning on getting the ASROCK z77 extreme4 mobo. Would this be a good mobo if I wanted to overclock? If not than other recommendations of other mobos in the same price range? Also I was planing on hooking up a radeon 7970 3gb graphics card to it, would it work? The case and psu is sufficient so that is no worries, just the mobo. So my main question is basically
1. Would the ASROCK extreme4 z77 be good with the i5 3570k
2. Is this mobo a good overclocker?
Please list other recommendations! Thank You very much!
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  1. Robi_g said:

    Thank you for the answer, I assume you mean yes to all the questions?
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