Strange, but Succesful Boot (Help Needed)

I finished my computer today and installed Norton 360 and Win7 Ultimate. The strange thing I noticed is that the computer will boot past the mobo screen (I have an AsRock Extreme3 Gen3) and then my screen will lag or something (the monitor will idle; nothing appears and the power on the monitor flashes). After about a minute or two, it loads to the Windows 7 login screen.

Does anyone have any idea why this may be? Any ideas on fixes? It's VERY strange. I don't want this becoming a bigger issue in the future.
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  1. A full run down of your system would help aka

    video card
    power supply unit

    Just to see what it could be.
  2. Here we are.

    1. AsRock Gen3 Extereme3
    2. i5-2500k (stock speed)
    3. i5 Integrated Graphics
    4. Antec 750W Gamer Series
    5. GSkill 8GB DDR1600

    EDIT: I tried rebooting the computer a couple different times. It seems to be totally random. Sometimes the screen will "turn off," but other times it goes straight to the Windows Login screen.
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