Upgrade Suggestions

I want to improve my system graphics.

Streaming is important. I am a web designer.

Budget Maximum $250 - prefer buying amazon.com as a prime customer

I use a dual monitor and sometimes my Sony HDTV as well. (3 total)

My current specification

PC System Type Desktop

The system clock interval 15 ms

Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4650

The H-RS880-uATX (Aloe) motherboard

Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor
CPU Code Name Deneb
Turbo CORE Not Supported
Virtual Technology Enabled
SLAT Supported
Hyper Threading Not Supported

Physical Memory 16376 MB Total, 12922 MB Free
Memory Load 21%
Virtual Memory 38649 MB Total, 34774 MB Free

Primary hard disk 1838GB Total
Secondary hard drive 1000GB

Windows System Assessment
CPU Score 7.30
Memory Score 7.50
Graphics Score 5.40
D3D Score 6.50 (3D business and gaming graphics performance)
Disk Score 5.90

Windows Experience Index 5.40 (Base score)
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  1. Hi there- do you do any 3d rendering or gaming? Most of the reviews, etc on this site are geared towards gaming performance.

    What specifically do you want to improve?
  2. I want to improve my streaming resource memory?

    I have a video blog. I am sometime watching netflix when editing video files.

    My internet speed is 30 mb

    I don't do gaming but I figured a gaming capable computer would give me better streaming.
  3. It has little to do with your graphics cards and a lot more to do with your internet connection. Not to say a GPU won't help you're videos look a little better, but most of what you want to do has to do with your internet speed.
  4. I am not having an issue with slow connection,

    I thought the quality of the stream would convert to a better picture if the bitrate is 512k and not the usual bitrate at 1024k.

    Also the fan runs often, I have a 650 watt Antec.fan.
  5. Follow up.

    I ended up buying the XFX AMD Radeon HD6870 PCIE 2GB Dual Mini.

    The video editing on monitor, uploading on another and streaming the news during peak hour.

    My experience improved dramatically and I am very please with the results.
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