AMD Triple core 455 unlocked into a quad prime95 issue?

so i just finished my rig.. very ghetto but it works :D (its an old compaq sempron case drives and media hub things are gutted and i put 2 exhaust fans in their place) but when i unlocked my 455 with my MSI 760GM-P35 motherboard i got everything running and booted.. so i ran Prime95.. and as i started the all around test worker 4 encountered a 0.5 error and stopped... (does that mean the core is unstable or?) and from then on the test had my processor running at 75%.. but temps were cool and good..

now is this only going to happen when running prime95? or when im gaming too.. because i havent got my 5770 up and running yet since im waiting on a 6pin cable...

i also used one of those easy overclock switch on my motherboard and got the quad to OC at about 3.7ghz stable but the same error happened in prime95.. so thats pretty neat lol
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  1. Raptor5150 said:
    snow is this only going to happen when running prime95? or when im gaming too..

    If the core got disabled by AMD due to flaky FPU as seems to be the case here, the problem will affect any program that uses the affected functions/data. If you are lucky, games might still run fine with it because they do not use the affected instructions or data ranges, if you are less lucky the games may still run with graphical and physics glitches, if you are not lucky it will either make the games unplayable or crash.

    Enabling disabled cores is one of those luck-of-the-draw things... sometimes you get a perfectly fine chip that has disabled cores simply to meet demand for a particular SKU, sometimes you get a chip with disabled cores due to genuine non-fatal defects in those cores.
  2. I guess we will know this week then.. bf3 single player and maybe some crysis 2..
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