Installing windows 8

I want to ask if I can install windows 8 on a 32 gb removable flash drive?
I want some fast booting up and shutting down.
I will not remove the flash drive from the PC.

Please Answer !!
Any suggestions are most welcomed ! :pfff:
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  1. It supports some removable options but as flash drives are EXTREMELY slow it would defeat the purpose. This is what SSDs are for but even a normal HDD would be way better than a flash drive.

    If you want fast booting and shutdown learn to use sleep mode. otherwise get an SSD.
  2. You could put a virtual machine onto a USB flash drive using Windows Virtual PC or similar.
  3. google how to make a "windows to go" USB thumb drive image

    I create one and it worked pretty well on usb 3.0, kind of slow on usb 2.0.
    also, you are going to want to get a fast USB thumb drive. (windows to go certified thumb drive's cost a lot)
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