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I want to remotely survey an area about 1000 feet away with a webcam. Not 24/7 but just during work. We are working on a rural area and I would like to be able to see the progress/safety of a spot about 1000 feet away with my laptop. Here is a real kicker, its off-grid. I can run the webcam however off of a battery/inverter if needed and the laptop's battery will work for the amount of time we are out there.

I was hoping for a wifi camera with a detachable antenna where I would hook up a high gain directional antenna. The laptop would use a usb dongle with external antenna possibly set up with a directional as well.

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  1. yes it is done all the time!
  2. I definitely thought it would be workable. I will probably have near perfect line of sight. If not, not more than a small tree or two separating the two.

    Any suggestions on a camera? Can the camera connect directly to the laptop without going through a router?
  3. depending on the range of the wireless in your laptop!
  4. Thanks for the input area51!

    Now that I think I'm not crazy(at least in this aspect), any suggestions on cameras? The picture quality doesn't have to be real great and it is only going to be used in daylight hours even though some might be low light at the end of the days.

    Any wireless camera suggestions? I have been looking all day.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/

    look on this site!
  6. Thanks again area51, newegg is where I have been looking all day. It seems my only option on newegg would be the surveillance camera category.

    This is pretty much the only place wireless cameras would be correct?
  7. YES
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