I3 2100 + GTX 460/560 (not ti) vs i5 2400 + GTX 550ti

Hey there! I know there's already a thread here that discusses i3 2100 + gtx 560ti vs i5 2500k + gtx 460...but i wanna know which one will be the best for build for gaming around 720p...is it the i3 2100 + gtx 460/560 (non ti) or the i5 2400...will the i5 2400 + gtx 550ti be enough to play GTA IV at high settings? or will the i3 2100 + gtx 460/560 give a better performance? thanks for your response! btw, no newegg, tiger, etc for me 'cause i live in the philippines.
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  1. That's going to be a tough comparison. At 1366x720 the bottleneck is going to be more on the cpu than the gpu. Then add in the fact that GTA IV is a cpu bound game. There's no doubt the 560 outperforms the 550ti but you're creating a scenario where the gpu really becomes almost irrelevant.

    Under normal circumstances I'd almost always go with the 2100+460, but in this case I think you'll see better performance (Just in GTAIV, WoW, Skyrim and other cpu bound games) by going with the 2400.

    You might take a middle ground approach and go with something like the 2120 and a 6870.
  2. thank you for giving enough details. yes, I believe that gta iv is cpu bound, though I have no other options 'cause these two builds are the only components that are in the budget.but then, i'll try to consider the 2120 :) thanks again!
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