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Hello,i have a dell i7-2620m vpro with intel hd 3000 which shows a dedicated video memory of 64mb and am worried if is good for gaming or can play most current games?
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  1. Intel HD3000 is not considered a gaming card definitely not for modern games. You can look it up here
  2. Im using it right now as my video card died...its terrible. Terraria works fine...everything else....dont bother. Not even minecraft lol.
  3. It is not much of a gaming solution. The Intel is basically as powerful as a Radeon HD 5450 desktop video card. You can Google for reviews of it.

    For the hell of it I tested the Intel HD 3000 in my Lenovo Y470 laptop when I wrote a review for it. In Cryisis with low graphic setting I was only able to get 18 FPS to 24 FPS in chapter 2; Relic. That was with an i5-2410m and at 1366x768 resolution. Needless to say the dedicated nVidia GT 550m provided much better performance with medium quality settings.
  4. I use that card. It's not great. Handles about 60-150 fps on minecraft though and can play COD4 and GTA IV at a decent fps.
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