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Asus pce-n10 slow connection speeds

Last response: in Components
May 12, 2012 8:19:59 PM

I recently put my first computer together only to discover that I hadn't included a wireless card with everything else. I spent a couple days with my macbook running bootcamp connected to the new desktop with an ethernet cable in order to connect to the internet. During that time I was getting a constant 133 kB/s (yeah I know its slow, but thats the connection my family pays for). Finally I splurged and went out to get the Asus pce-n10. Popped it in loaded up the windows 7 drivers and I was off to the races 133kB/s. 30 minutes later I noticed the speeds were bouncing all over the place, going anywhere from 109kB/s to 0kB/s, but not losing it's connection. Meanwhile my lapotp was still able to constantly stay at its max download speed.

I tried uninstalling the windows drivers and loading the asus drivers on, same problem. I've run speedtest on both computers several times, the only thing that seems to be affected is the download speed, upload remains at a consistent .37mb/s whether I use my laptop or desktop. Is their anything I can do to fix this or am I going to have to take another trip to the store to buy a different card, feel free to recommend some if that is the case.

motherboard: Gigabyte z77x-ud3h
Hard drive: caviar black
CPU: Core i5 3570k
Optical: LG 22x dvd
PSU: 700w ocz modx
Memory: 8gb viper 1600 ddr3
Wireless adapter: asus PCe-N10
Router: westell a90-750015-07
June 2, 2012 9:28:25 PM

just an update, if there are any mods around this can be switched to solved.

At the time I wrote this I was downloading a file from rapidshare which is capped at 30kB/s. After that file was downloaded speeds are now up to that mark of 133 kB/s. I'm still not sure why I couldnt reach 133kB/s while downloading from rapidshare maybe something else happened, but I don't care the problem went away.
a b Ĉ ASUS
June 3, 2012 12:04:57 PM

Thanks for updating you topic.