How should i connect an IC (LM 393)?

I know it must go in the middle of the breadboard, but how do i connect the wires to the pins?
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  1. What type of breadboard, and what type of project?

    For plain wafer board without traces you can often solder on 32awg Kynar wire to the IC pins. If the board has traces, you would just solder the pins to the board.

    For electronic style testing boards, ordinary 24awg solid wire is often used as jumpers.
  2. aha, hadn't seen this...

    it's an MB3 breadboard and a simple project - part of a small robot. the chip leads to two resistors and two transistors, like this:

    I've just linked the ground and positive wires to the chip (pins 4 and 8), now I don't know how to use pins 1 and 7.
  3. I won't give you the answer, but look at some of these and see if it gives you a hint.

    Good luck from a retired engineer. The fun comes when you figure it out for yourself. :)
  4. i see, this helps.

    So I don't need to worry about wires- connecting one resistance and one transistor to pin 7 is enough and by doing this they will get all the voltage they need, right? (same for the other side, pin 1).
  5. so... does this look ok?

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