Radeon HD6850 and Inspiron 560 install issue


I just bought a supply power supply (450w) and a new video card (Radeon hd6580) and the install went fine, but when I powered on the computer the display said entering power save mode, went black and powered down. I tried to go into the BIOS to see if there was a way to configure it to allow my to select the PCI slot (or something to that effect), but there is nothing in the BIOS to do that. Any ideas of what the issue might be?


p.s. I called Radeon and they said the BIOS needed to be updated, which I did but still no option
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  1. A lot of stock machines from Dell etc have very limited bios options.
    However it will still post to the new video card if it's plugged in.

    to be honest i'd think your going to need a 550 watt or higher PSU to run the card and the rest of the system. No doubt the screen cut out because the card is not getting enough power under load.
  2. Bummer, I was told 450w would be sufficient. I'll look for something a little lower on usage.

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