Should I get the gtx 580?

Well I am building a computer and I was debating on if I should get the gtx 570 or the 580... The 580 is like $200 more then the 570, But if I wanted to I could just wait until it drops in price or until I get some more money... So is the performance difference on the gtx 580 worth it? I mainly want to get it because I feel if I buy the 580 I will not need to upgrade again for atleast a year... So do you think the gtx 570 will be fine on games for atleast a year? Or should I wait and get the gtx 580? I hear the 600 series is coming out soon and the prices may drop on the 500 series so if I waited a few months i'm hoping that the gtx 580 will drop a bit, But not sure if it will drop more then like $50... So do you think I should try and get the 580 or do you think the gtx 570 will perform well on games for a year+?
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  1. The price will be dropping on the 580 soon that's for sure but it's because the AMD cards will be out, not the new Nvidia ones.

    580 is a complete waste of cash, the 570 less so...but yes I'm pretty sure the 570 would be good enough for the next year.
  2. The 580 costs roughly 40% more than the 570 ($500 vs $350). Whether that additional cash is worth it is a subjective question. To me, I would go probably go with a 570, especially since there have been a lot of very good deals around for the holidays. The 580 is not a complete waste of cash but it does command a premium as the fastest single GPU solution available.

    As eyefinity said, a 570 will definitely last you through a year (probably several).
  3. The GTX 570 and 580 will be able to handle games for years to come, they are both good purchases; the GTX 570 being better for the budget conscious.

    Having said that, I feel your pain. It would be horrible if you bought a nice GTX 580 for 500 dollars and new cards are released which offer similar or better performance for a fraction of the cost. Do you have any friends who are selling a GTX 580 or have you considered looking at used ones?
  4. I wouldnt buy bleeding edge. I tried it with a 9800GX2 then a FTW GTX 280. With my old GTX 280, it was a good card, and could handle things decently up until the thanksgiving week when it died on me. I was JUST starting to get to that area where I had to tone down a graphic setting or two to get an acceptable framerate.

    But lets face it, new versions of direct x come out. And they might have features you wish you had. but cant because your still great card...doesnt support it. I oogled the sunrays and smoke in World in Conflict with DX10 with my DX9 only 9800GX2...then I oogled DX11 stuff with my DX10 only GTX 280.

    Also note that in almost anything..even a lowly GTX 550TI could probably best my GTX 280 in performance in the latest games. 1.5 years is all it took for sub 200 dollar cards to best my 550 dollar monster.

    Id say 570 2GB all the way.
  5. The 580 will be coming down in price to the mid 300's soon. If you can wait you might be able to get a faster card for less.
  6. this topic has been brought up numerous times. i just bought a 580 and am loving it. i destroy every game and havent had one issue with it. a lot of people think that the price is going to drop to $300 over night and its not. it will be atleast 6 months till you see a reasonable price drop.
  7. Im surprised at all about a price drop if it happens. I always thought it was gonna sli my GTX 280s, but by the time I started to think i needed a performance boost, the GTX280 was out of production and still priced high enough on sales sites to where I was like..yea right..the GTX 400 cards are cheaper then that and faster!
  8. Lots of people on this forums suggest to buy the best single card you can afford now and don't worry about the future. For the most part, I agree with them but if you were looking for an AMD card I would suggest waiting. Since you are looking at nVIDIA cards, get the 580 or 570 if you lack the funds and be happy.
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