MK II 2408 driver for windows 7

i want to connect motu 2408 mkII with my acer laptop please tell me how to connect
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  1. I don't know that you can use it with a laptop.

    The MK II connects via a firewire connection to the pci 324 card in your computer, which will not work with your laptop.

    You also will probably not find Windows 7 drivers since the MK II came out in 2000 and has drivers up through XP.

    I understand though that you can manually install the XP drivers in Win 7 by placing the XP MotuAW.inf and MotuAW.sys files in a folder together and then using the device manager; click on properties for the audio device, choose update driver, select manual installation and direct the OS to the folder with those two drivers.
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