New to building. Need help?!?!?!??!?!?

Hi there. I a new to this forum and also new to pc building. I am looking to build a 3D pc mainly to support 3D Blu-Ray playback. Maybe to plug into a 3D tv or projector in the future. I want a fast computer for web browsing, torrent downloading etc etc. At the moment this is what i have:-

Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz 4GB Ram x 2
Hitachi Deskstar 1TB HDD
Pioneer BDR S06XLB Optical Drive

Below is a list of other components i was going to buy over the next few weeks (trying to cover the cost over a few weeks):-

Intel I5-2500 Processor
EVGA Nvidia GTX 460 1GB Graphics Card
OCZ StealthxStream 700w PSU

I was wondering if the above would be the best for me to buy for 3D playback? Also is the PSU enough for me to run system?

I really am new to this and would like as much help as possible.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. if you are not overclocking then go 2400(it's only 10~12% slower than 2500).gtx 460 is discontinued, i would suggest something better like a 560ti.not familiar with OCZ psus.i would suggest corsair tx650w.that's enough.BTW what's your max budget?
  2. Well i was thinking of spending around £300-£350 more. If i can buy something that costs a little more but will add alot more performance then i will do that but i would preferably want the best for buck if you know what i mean. I do alot of downloading and browsing but want the 3DHD for watching BluRays. Do you think the 65 would be enough if i upgrade in the future?
  3. You don't need a 2500K (nobody should ever get the vanilla 2500) for video playback. An i3-2100 would be plenty, and you could get something like a 6770 to go with it. Even these would be overkill if you're not gaming.
    A good 430W PSU would be plenty for a 6770, or a 500W if you feel like going for something better graphics-wise.
    Antec 430W, $40 after rebate:
    Antec 500W, $50 after rebate:

    If you want this to be a serious gaming rig, let me know. That's where you'll spend as much money as you can put in. For playback, though, even in 3D, you just don't need serious hardware.
  4. I will more than likely be using the system to game in the future so i would prefer to go over the top now and if i find i dont use it then at least it doesnt cost me anything to downgrade lol
  5. Oh, OK. How much are you looking to spend overall? Shame it's in pounds, as the USA's got cheaper hardware.
  6. well in mind i was thinking around £600-£700. How much cheaper is hardware in the US then?
  7. I dont think i want it for gaming at the moment as i use my ps3 for gaming. It will mainly be used for downloading large files, web browsing, watching blu ray. Basically i want a superspeed 3dhd computer ~:)
  8. then go with i3 2100 and HD 6670 :)
  9. Decided against the 3d and gaming. I have ps3 that will do all that. Basically would like it for bluray playback fast fast fast downloading transfering of files and possibly ripping blurays and decoding to compress. Now i really am stuck as i have totally changed my game plan lol
  10. still 2100 and 6670 will do fine.
  11. Downloading is entirely dependent on your internet connection, and we can't help you with that. You have to make your internet decisions based on the options and pricing plans in your area. The computer hardware on your end will have no impact on downloading.

    The 6670 and 2100 is looking like the best idea.
  12. Even with ripping blu rays and compressing?
  13. Yep. You'll need a Blu-Ray drive, of course, and that'll be around $60.
  14. I have a blu ray drive but wont the 2500 decode faster?
  15. only a few seconds lolll
  16. Neither will have any trouble decoding at 1x speed—playback, that is. Transcoding, on the other hand, converting from one format to another, will be faster with the 2500K, but it's not worth the money and the difference won't be large.
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