Cpu/ Fan trouble

specs are -
ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 Intel Series 7 Motherboard
Intel Core i7-3770S Processor - Quad Core
stock cpu fan.

My problem is this, everything in the computer is brand new. the computer has been put together for 2 days now. and has been running great. but today it was running very sluggish, after checking the cpu load it was only 3%. i checked the temp on the other hand and it was over 160. i immediately turned the computer off. after letting the cpu cool down i find that the cpu fan isn't working, it try's to move every other second but fails. after removing it from the computer and making sure nothing was in the way i replaced it back into my comp. started the computer up and it starts, but now will only idle at 2k rpm no matter how hot the cpu is getting. my thermal sensors tell me that the other two fans on the board are moving at 6.4k rpm. so after all that. can anyone tell me why my cpu fan is running so slow and not adjusting to the heat, or why my cpu is heating up so fast. or why sometimes the fan wont run at all.
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    The cpu is heating up because the heat passing into the heatsink isn't being removed by the fan...

    The cpu fan is BAD...electrically speaking ... something inside the fan motor has failed..and it's acting stupid.

    and are you saying it was at 160C? the silicon isn't built for those temps and your thermal protection circuits should've shut down the machine WELL BEFORE it ever hit that high a temp...or are you saying 160 F? If it was Farenheit...that's only 71C which is at the max temp fo rthat cpu and is definitely caused by the defective fan!!

    Here's a link showing max temps and your were RIGHT THERE at Max Temp!! the stock heatsink and cooler are JUNK< JUNK<JUNK!!!

    Sorry for saying that but they are ver inefficient at removing heat and any issues with the fan are DANGEROUS to say the least...get you a aftermarket this!!

    I gotta ask...what fans do you have that run at 6 thousand 4 hundred rpms???
    that must sound like a jet engine in your computer...something is wonky here...

    I guess it's possible that you could have a motherboard issue but first I would definitely dump that stock's defective..PERIOD. and replace it with something like the link I posted...that definitely would guarantee no more heat issues's the one item for cooling that is absolutely critical for your cpu's safety and efficient operation and something not to be messed with..don't want to burn up a cpu because of the fan on the heatsink!!

    That's what I see...a Defective cpu fan...a stock cooler...a bad stock cooler..and the result is a cpu at max temps in seconds...dump the's not any good!

    Hope this helps.
  2. thank you! yes! i was thinking the same thing. already looking into a after market cooling system. the thermal censors could have been thrown off by the malfunctioning fan. there inch fans, very small, two build into the board. if this makes any difference after posting last night this morning i was wondering if the fan would run on any of the other fan connections and although it runs at a very slow rpm when not on the cpu dedicated slot. it will turn on and sit at around 1200 rpm. wile the other fans stay at the listed 6k+ (mind you if that's accurate) i really do appreciate the input!
  3. the stock cooler is not junk, its does the job for non-overclocked processors.

    Yours appears to be broken though, you had connected the fan pins the right way round?

    However I would serious consider sending the processor and HSF back and getting a new one as you may have caused long term damage. And if the fan is broken then its their fault. If the fan was connected wrong, then you'll have to lie.
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