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Decided to rebuild my computer things i need :
DvD Drive
Budget : £215
What do you recommend for all of the above?
I already have coming in the mail a :
Corsair 430w PSU
HD 5770 HiS

Current Components:

:sol: :sol: :sol: :sol:
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  1. 215$... uuuhhhh you should probaly wait till you have more funds, coz ur only gonna get crap parts at that price...
  2. It's pounds not dollars and well the parts i need aren't exactly expensive plus i'm not talking about playing the most demanding games
  3. a cheap h61 motherboard with a celeron g850 cpu and 4 gb os ddr3 1600 ram.

    the hdd you can get something as cheap as possible if you want and dvd drives are pretty much all generic and priced about the same.
  4. Not bad. It'll work. Depending on what you are coming from, this might be a good deal faster than what you are used to.
  5. that looks pretty good. you can cut back to 4 gb of ram if you need to save the extra 10 pounds.
  6. Well my current pc is an acer aspire x3950 but i never realised it was slimline so i tried to swap all components into my new case but it didn't work the cpu fan would trip after 2 seconds i thought it was broke so i rebuilt to send of to be fixed and it worked again all in its orginal state so i just thought i'd build one from fresh.

    It's specs are :
    I-3 550 3.2ghz
    3GB DDR3
    Windows 7
    Intergrated Graphics
    500GB HDD
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