Which system is better??? help please

intel core i5 2500
GTS 450
4 gb ram


FX4100 / Intel Corei3 2150
GTX 550ti
8 gb ram


please help

??? (^^.
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    i5 2500 is awesome...but the 460 is a bit outdated...the 4100 is better at overclocking but has less performance....the gtx 550ti is much more current for the gpu...the i3 2150 is underpowered for gaming purposes...but if I had to choose between one or the other...the 2500 wins hands down...although beware...since it's not a K version intel cpu..there's very little overclocking as in 1-2%...that's it...the fx4100 is more overclockable but has less performance.

    so I would go with the 2500 and save money for a better gpu later...and then sell the 460 to help defray costs of a better gpu.

    Hope that helps a bit...:)
  2. It is true that the 2500 generally outperforms the 4100, but with stock cooling the 4100 can hit 4.4GHz and stay nice and cool. That would allow it to match the performance of the 2500, So overall I would say your best bet is the FX-4100 kit, because you'll have the better video card and ram. (Note: I have and FX-4100, and I run a stable 4.6GHZ with stock cooling on all four cores) If the Intel build were a 2500k, I'd say hop on it :P
  3. mmm ok thanks for the if that gts 450 is outdated what videocard should i buy???
  4. what's your budget?
  5. 550/560
  6. 20,000 pesos thats from philippines(^^, about 476 dollars
  7. Wow. For that budget, see if you can snag a geforce 670. Newegg has them for right around 400. Geforce 680's are right around 500 USD now.
  8. no no no... that 476 is my budget for a whole unit ram board and cpu
  9. Ohhh. My misunderstanding.
  10. so what if i build this one???

    FX 4100 and 8gb RAM
    and my videocard is GTX 550 ti??? can this rig play 2012 games like battlefield 3???
  11. yes it can and you can also slice down the price by getting the graphic card amd 6770 which is cheaper and has the same performance as the 550 ti in gaming.
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