Random section.

I'm thinking we need ourselves a Tomshardware.com/forum/b/

You feeling it?
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  1. There used to be something comparative to /b/, but with more mature residents. It is gone for good reason.
  2. Normally I'd be all in favor of a /b/, but it doesn't so much jibe with our flavor of forums. /b/ also tends to be a cesspool, rampant with l33t haxx0rz, pedobears, cosplay furries and warez pirates of all stripes. The mod team has enough trouble already breaking up roving gangs of Apple/PC and Firefox/IE ideologues spritzing graffiti everywhere - not to mention the ever-present thread of the spammer hordes.
  3. Well said....Don't forget about the AMD/NVidia brawlers. :lol:
  4. Fine.

    How about a /misc/ or something?


  5. You could always just use this thread as your random or misc section, at least until it gets locked.
  6. Great idea man.
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