Computer keeps crashing/freezing

Hello, so i bought a computer about 5-6 months ago. Here are the specs.
Intel i7 2600k 3.7GHz (Per core)
PSU: 620W Seasonic
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz
Case: ATX-Tower
Cooler: Artic Freezer 13 Pro
MB: Intel Z68-X-UD3-B3

Okay. With that done ill proceed to the question.
Anyways, first i installed Windows 7 64-bit on it.
The computer kept crashing every 1-15minutes (random timing).
Than i tought i should try a 32-bit win7
(Alot less crashing about 5 freezes in 1 week)
Put still. I want a 64-bit Windows 7 to operate on my PC.
I didnt get 8 GB of RAM for nothing. So the question is.
Is my PSU too weak to power the system. Since on 64-bit windows the computer can use more resource wich might be the killer since the PSU cant handle it so the system gets unstable and freezes/crashes eventually.

Or there is some hardware on the loose of badly connected. I do know that im taking the computer to guarantine next week but i want to know what will i say there. That they putted too small PSU in the system? In that case i will progress with this case even into court if it has to.
If its not PSU than what could be missing.

Thank you for reading.
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  1. You will need quite a bit more if you want to take anything to court.

    For starters, while the PSU may have some flaw in it that keeps it from performing optimally, there is no good reason that the Seasonic 620w can't handle this system.

    Windows 7 x64 doesn't use a lot more power than Windows 7 x32 in terms of wattage, so it won't be very useful to try going down this road.

    It could be that the PSU is flawed in general, though. Do you have another computer that you can put this PSU in to see if the same freezes occur on that PC once this PSU is installed in it?

    Also, I need to hear more from you about the maker/model of both the RAM and the case.

    It would be quite fitting if one of the two parts you opted not to provide maker/model numbers for would be the cause of the problem.

    It IS quite fitting that both of those items are arguably the top two causes of these sorts of problems.

    Please say the maker/models of both of these parts.

    Additionally, I would like you to download a program called MemTest86+ (just like that) off the internet, use a burning program to deconstruct the image file into individual files and make a bootable CD out of it, and then run it the next time you go to bed overnight.

    When you wake up, let me know if there are any errors listed. It should be pretty clear whether there are or aren't any by the time you wake up. If there are some, there will probably be a lot of RED on the screen.

    If there are some, I can direct you about which RAM you should get instead.

    If there are not any, then you should try to find or borrow a regular AC oscillating fan and take the side off your case and direct the airflow at it from a pretty close distance. Literally just blast it with direct airflow.

    Use it like that for a while and see if the freezes continue to occur.

    If they do not occur in this situation, you probably need a better case.

    If neither of the above demonstrates the issue, then it is probably a bad CPU or motherboard. I would lean toward CPU out of the two of those, but that is a bridge we can cross when we come to it.

    First do the things above and if nothing changes we can worry about trying to narrow it down between CPU/Motherboard.
  2. Ok, my case and RAM Manufacturer's and stuff are
    RAM:Is By kingston. 4x2GB Sticks (8GB Total)
    And the case: Thats the manufacturer's page. Also i did that ram86+ thing and it did not create any error.
  3. Is there another computer you have laying around that you can put this PSU into?

    Did you try aiming an AC oscillating fan into the case?

    How many fans do you have installed in this case and which ones are configured to bring air in and which are configured to push air out?
  4. Well the whole case has 12 fans. And i seem not to have a fan on the PSU -.-. Anyway, when i was looking in it. There was no fan but it dosent overheat and also the Pin's where you must connect PSU Fan to motherboard is empty so i quess PSU dosent got FAN . And the Fans are 12 are cooling. 6out 6in and 1 Cooler master 13 pro freezer (For CPU)
  5. There shouldn't need to be any connection from the PSU to the motherboard to power a PSU fan.

    There should be at least one fan inside the PSU housing and it should be powered by the circuitry inside the PSU casing.

    Only one fan needs to be connected to the motherboard for a computer to work and that is the CPU fan which controls the speed of the fan that is cooling the processor heat sink.

    Your Arctic Freezer 13 Pro should probably be connected to that (CPU_FAN).

    All the other ports on the motherboard should take regular case fans which can also connect just fine directly to the PSU Molex cables.

    Does that sound like how you have it?
  6. Ok. I lost the lead on 2nd sentence. -_-
  7. Oh, by the way. i wanted to ask another thing. Well since my PC has good cooling. I was wondering if my computer is too cold? (LOLOL)
    Well i mean, I got 8 cores. Some of the cores (1-4) are 17degrees

    Maybe my computer is cooling too hard?!? PM me back :)
  8. I highly doubt it is a problem with the computer having too much cooling.

    People have gotten computers to work at much lower temperatures.

    What I meant before is that in almost all PSUs there is a fan and that fan doesn't need to be connected to anything in order to work. If there is a fan inside the PSU, it is connected to power inside the PSU so a PSU fan wouldn't need to be connected to the motherboard to get power.
  9. Ok, so the fan may work in that case. But still i havent managed to find out the problem what might be causing it so i quess you dont got any clue aswell? Or may it be a tip from a failing Hardware? But i think it cannot be. The PC is 2months old and It costed 1k EUR so i assume that they putted some effort into building the PC, or some newbie new guy who is still learning computing putted it together...
  10. Do you have a computer accessible that you can put parts into or borrow parts from?
  11. Well, i have a computer. It's 7years old... So than i could put my hardware into a toaster rather than its motherboard.
  12. Until very recently, I had 7 year old parts in my own computer. There is no good reason some of them won't be useful for testing things.

    You could grab the hard drive, CD drive, and video card and try each of them in the computer and see if it keeps freezing with each of them in.

    I have been thinking it is the CPU, but it is hard to test that if you don't have access to a similar computer.

    I would think about trying to use those old parts that I mentioned in your new PC and see if the freezing stops with them in.

    Either that or you could just replace the CPU right now whether it is broken or not.
  13. Ok i moved my computer to second floor where is warmer , on the 1st floor when im on it with socks i cant feel my feet in 5minutes so i brought it upstairs.
    And it has been here for half week already and not a SINGLE freeze. So may the climate change do something, and also the temperatures now are (cores 1-8) all above 25celcius. + The PC's motherboard stuff is 25-30 now also. So i will give feedback what happens upstairs when i install 64-bit windows. I'll be back :D.
  14. Interesting.

    You can't really compare results of before and after Windows installs, because putting 64 bit Windows on there may fix the crashing issue, but nevertheless it is still interesting to hear that moving it to a warmer location seems to have resolved the issue.

    I guess there is a first time for everything.
  15. Indeed, nothing is impossible these days hehe. Anyway its kinda late in Estonia so ill install the windows 7 64-bit tomorrow morning. I'll be back with a good feedback :D, also i chose your last post as best answer
  16. Choose whichever you like.
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