Noise after power-cut

Greetings, :)

Last week I cleaned my components inside the case (except the drives' cables) and today after I had a power-cut a strange noise (which existed a bit for the last couple of years) started and is now more common.

I randomly hear it meaning I doubt its coming from fan's noise. It goes like tik tik tik tik and last for half second, then goes away and occurs every 3 seconds ( like a clock ticking or a mouse in your closet)

In addition, I usually hear it when I do tasks like accesing program files or opening new tabs in firefox and just a little less frequently when my PC is idle.

Any suggestions what that noise could be?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. its your hard drive's ummm reading arm (or something)
    nothing to worry about realy (i had a computer - click on any thing tiktiktiktiktik lasted for years only died cause the psu died i wonder what i left on it O.O)
  2. Thanks for your reply,

    Does a SSD produce this noise? If no, are Intel and Samsung the most reliable brands to choose from ?
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    um no as they have no moving parts O.O
    and ssd are expensive
    and its not realy anything to worry about that 6.7gb hard drive i talked about is still working despite doing all the clicking (and has been for over 10 years)
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