2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 460 1 GB good for BF3

Can this GPU set play battlefield 3 maxed out:

2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 460 1 GB
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  1. Not according to charts but it will however be awesome.
  2. whats the lowets graphics card that plays it maxed out.
  3. At what resolution ?
    I bet with those cards you could do very well.
  4. 1920x1080 is what i am going for.
  5. It is going to depend on what resolution you want to play at , BF3 is a very demanding gpu game and you can play at ultra settings with a pair of 580's , 570's and possibly the just released 560Ti 448 core card. At the 1920x1080 resolution. The whole thing is that even with the 460's you may be able to play at ultra settings and 1920x1080 but what will you get for fps. Starting with the 580's it will go down from there , so you may end up having to play at 1680x1050 to get playable fps. Playing at ultra or high is not going to be very noticable going from one to the other and you can set the resolution to 1680x1050 and high settings and enjoy the game because you will have decent fps , playing at ultra is just for bragging puposes anyway you really can't tell the difference. I have three GTX 580's in three way SLI and getting 190 fps and when I dropped one and went with two and got 130 fps I couldn't tell the difference at all.
  6. i am wanting to keep my pc around $1000, and the GPUs are the main part.
  7. fishthedish said:
    i am wanting to keep my pc around $1000, and the GPUs are the main part.

    The gpu's and the cpu usually are the main parts.
  8. You can play the game at ultra settings with one GTX 580.
  9. What are you guys talking about? A single 570 will get decent fps at ultra settings (40+ at least depending on the cpu) and 2 460's will crush one 570, he will no doubt get more than decent playable framerates with that setup. Please don't let people with money to burn influence you to do the same when it's not needed.
  10. It is hard to find benchmarks that include the 460 , but I did find one with the 470 and the results were that I believe two 460's will play the game it's just a question of how well at what resolutions and what settings. This game it very gpu intensive and it's all on the gpu for the performance , the cpu , even when overclocked is not much help but you can overclock the gpu's to get some more performance out of them.


    1280X1024 1600X1200 1920X1080

    GTX 570 53 fps 43 fps 37 fps
    GTX 470 44 fps 34 fps 30 fps

    1680x1050 1920x1080

    2x GTX 570 56 fps 49 fps


    1680X1050 1920X1080

    2X GTX 570 117 FPS 106 FPS
    GTX 570 70 FPS 62 FPS
    GTX 460 46 FPS 41 FPS
  11. whats a decent FPS
  12. Yeah, the 460s will be amazing, I would still have mine but I sold that system to upgrade to a newer AMD system.
  13. can 460s run high setting atleast
  14. yes you will be able to play high settings. Possibly some ultra as well if you do not use a lot of AA
  15. thanks
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