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My previous question had to do with a HIS 4670 card that would not allow my computer to boot. I found out from HIS that they had had issues with my motherboard and since I had already upgraded my bios, which would have been their recommended fix, I was out of luck on this combination. I returned the card. Thanks for the replies.

Now for my real problem...I downgraded to a Radeon 3600 AGP card which was recommended based on the motherboard in my Dell 4600 series computer. 2.6g CPU Intel Pentium 4 single core, 2g RAM, 580w power supply with 25a at the 12v rails, plenty of hard drive space.

Originally the installation went fine. I started in safe mode, used driver sweeper to clean out previous drivers, rebooted and let windows find the new hardware, cancelled the wizard and installed from the cd. The card installed itself with the cd that came with it and the results were acceptable. I have a dual monitor set up and that was working great. The resolution on the DVI and VGA Monitors were superb. However, after rebooting after some unrelated item, the card "won't start" (Code 10). I went through all the recommended procedures...updated drivers, etc. but no luck. I'm almost convinced it is not a driver problem because I had another card in, prior to the HSI, that experienced the same problem. "won't start" (Code 10). Could there be something in the registry that is causing this problem or...........???
I know there's some sharp minds out there so I'm hoping one of them knows what to do. Thanks for any help...

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  1. It could be your AGP slot if it's both graphics cards. That's an old motherboard, so anything could go wrong.

    The card should startup and display whether or not the driver is installed. The driver will just help with the resolution and allow 3D usage.
  2. So what you are saying is that everything work fine during instal and the cards were detected, two cards or one? Then an unrelated problem? Out of curiosity what was the unrelated problem before the code 10 caused you to reboot?
  3. @OP--If you want us to help you, you're going to have to describe the problem more--not just the background story. What do you mean the card "won't start"? Did it display video before and now it's not displaying video?

    If the card displayed video for a windows install, then stopped displaying it after Windows was installed, then it's a driver problem.
  4. Please give more info on the problem please.
  5. I'm outta here. OP, feel free to PM me if you come back to the forum.
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