I7 860-Help a noob O.C before he fries his CPU !

Hey guys !
Thanks for reading this!
I really,really need your help on this one,guys.

I´m trying to Overclock my Core i7 860 on a ASUS P7H55-M PRO Motherboard using ASUS´s TurboV but I just can´t do it since I´m getting a lot of fuzzy image on the screen,BSODs and sudden shutdowns when trying to overclock.

Now I am going to be honest with you,I don´t really know anything about overclocking,I´ve just set the voltage to 1.1 V and clocked it to 3.3 Ghz from 2.8 stock and that´s when things got ugly....
BSODs,sudden shutdowns and fuzzy screen followed by a shutdown of the system.

Now I´m running stock settings as I need help to overclock my CPU the right way,before I ******* fry it....

Please guys,help me overclock my CPU to 3.4 Ghz,nothing more,that´s all I want.

My PSU is a Cooler Master Real Power M620 and I use a Radeon HD 6850.
While I got those 3.4 Ghz stable for a few minutes,I was playing Metro 2033 on ULTRA settings in DX11 and realized that all the stuttering of my PC disappeared all of the sudden.The game was running flawlessly.From 35 FPS on stock to 40 to 50 FPS at 3.4 Ghz I was like wow ! What the heck ! The G.P.U is not the problem here ! Is my C.P.U being too slow on clocks(as I blamed my GPU always for being slow,since all the games were stuttering on my PC/random stutter).
The CPU seems to be a little ´´bottleneck´´ that´s why i want 3.4 Ghz stable guys,please help me but be patient with me,I have no ******* idea of what I am doing.....

As a PS:
While running 3.4Ghz OC,my GPU WEI score lowered a point: From 7.7 to 7.6.

Oh,and yeah.
Is it bad to get many BSODs and crazy things while (trying to ) overclock ?

Guys,help me and be patient with me as I said,I have no clue on how to do this,is so freaking scary,I don´t want to fry my CPU,I´m a poor guy you know,I can´t afford a new i7 again,i7 comes once in a life time for normal people hahahaha :)

I want those 3.4 Ghz stable,as I saw my PC running at that speed,as crazy at it may sound.....
2X better than running at 2.8 Ghz that always were variating on CPUz,like no clocks stable,I don´t know what´s that,now it was like 2.8 then again 3.4 afterward 3.2,never stayed put before (bad) O.C.

Thanks a lot guys !
I know someone is going to helo me,I just know it !

And remember !
Don´t talk strange ! :)
Just say what I need to press and where(in BIOS) don´t use fancy IT word as I´m not going to understand you,I never overclocked before(except for an AMD one core a long time ago that was running at 1.8 Ghz and clocked it to 2.4 Ghz
IT worked...for a few months and then died..
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  1. Read Fisherman86's post here


    it should enable your cpu to hit a high enough speed to get you what you are wanting for playing your games smoothly.

    The settings for the bios may not be in the exact same place but the ones to set are stated in his post...just read through the page and it will give you an idea of what you need for voltages and baseclock...bclk...apparently it also has turbo enabled...down clocks when not loaded and overclocks to 3.5 or so when needed!

    Good luck.
  2. I managed to get 3.3 Ghz using TurboV but I just can´t go further than that with my knowledges on overclocking,I´m getting too many errors and way too many BSODs and I love my CPU,I don´t wanna waste 300 $ because I don´t know how to correctly overclock.

    +500 Mhz increase at the moment,is pretty good....I´m staying here after running tests.
    I´m noticed smoother gameplay,therefore I´m ok with this speed right now.
    I´m too freaking afraid to OC too much since 2 years ago I´ve fried a Athlon 3000+

    By the way,I´ve seen around 6 BSDOs so far,was anything damaged?
    I´m not noticing anything going crazy but I need to make sure.

    All the BSODs were on memory crash/dump(Related to O.C bad)

    Please answer to the BSODs question....was anything hurt by a couple of BSDOs?(6)
  3. By the way,I´ve disabled Turbo since the speed wasen´t stable,it was always variating according to CPUz.
    Is it better to leave Turbo ON or OFF when O.C.?
  4. I had an i7 870 before, until I sold it, and I managed to have it at 3.55 stable without even changing voltage. Just turned the bus up from 133 to 148 I believe it was, and it would run faster on less than 4 cores with turbo left on
  5. Many thanks,dude.
    Tomorrow I´ll try that A.S.A.P
    By the way,from bad OC-ing I´ve seen many BSODs till now...is this bad ?
    PC runs great,just as before,except for The Sims 3 game,is not loading textures and is bitch1ng on me :)
  6. I´m afraid that something went wrong or I don´t know...
  7. I don't what stock voltage is for that processor, but 1.1v seems really low. My 2600K voltage is around 1.28 at stock

    I'd just leave the voltage alone, and see how high you can get by ramping up the bus before it becomes unstable on Prime 95
  8. Got it at 3.2 Ghz with Hyper-Threading and Turbo at 3.7 Ghz.
    This is more than enough for me,ran Prime 95 for about an hour and everything looks OK,except for temps,since I use HT,the temps are going in high,in the 80´s or so.
  9. Go a little higher than 1.1v, try 1.12+ but will have to set it a little higher to compensate for vdroop if your board has that issue. Your chances of killing your cpu are not high but the board can be a different story.
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