My laptop has been stolen can i cancel my windows 7 leicenc

Can I get my licence back from Microsoft to use again after my laptop was stolen.

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  1. Call them up and ask them. I doubt it though.
  2. ErnieJoan said:
    Can I get my licence back from Microsoft to use again after my laptop was stolen.


    interesting question...

    Im no legal expert - but your licence was not stolen? If you still own the licence - so you can reuse it. Illegal use of the Windows licence can then be added to the list of charges when the perps are aprehended :)

    This is almost certainly the case if it was a full retail licence... as these are linked to the owner... i.e. gives you the right to add windows to a computer.
    Im am less sure if it still stands if it was an OEM licence - which is linked to the machine/hardware and not to the user.

    Anyway - dont take my word for it... im am largely guessing... lets see if someone who knows will chit in... im interested.

    Good luck anyway
  3. I don't believe so...since it's already registered and likely tied to that computer (unless it's not an OEM license), I think it's gone.

  4. what i want to know is why would you need it? if you end up buying another laptop anyway it will already have a license for windows 7 anyway. plus canceling the license will just slightly inconvenience the thief
  5. It is a Full licence with a anytime upgrade to Pro

  6. which is what the rest of them offer. my laptop offers an anytime upgrade to pro too so still no advantage
  7. If you have the retail disk and product key for both products then you should be able to reuse them -- If it will not activate just call MS and with the proper info they should provide a working activation response code for you. (not sure if reusing it will deactivate the initial install or not but that isn't really a concern in this case)
  8. Nope.
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