7 rating prb of processor

Today i brought new pci express sapphire 6670 1gb ddr5. before installing this card, my processor rating showed 7.2 after i instld pci express, my processor rating shwd 4.5. whats the prb? i refresh it again, same result. i reinstl my os. & same prb faced again.
my pc: intel core 2 quad q8400
ram 2gb
gigabyte eg45-ud2h mobo.
sapphire 6670 1gb ddr5

Additional Details
if i try 64 bit os, can prblm solved?
& srry, my eng is nt good :(
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  1. Windows Index is not the best way of telling if your system has performance or not. First of all, I would upgrade ram to 8gb and run a benchmark such as 3dmark in order to test stability of your system!
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