Stuck with Intel Core i5 2500K

Hello guys,

i am about to buy an motherboard and i am on a tight budget , and i've got a few would be a great help if you could help me...thanks in advance.. [...] h67bl.html [...] rd-pid3719

or tell me a cheap motherboard with USB 3.0

and will i be able to overclock my processor with a H61 or H67 motherboard
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  1. Your links are dead, bro.
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    Nothing wrong with being stuck with an i5 2500K. Great processor.

    No you can't overclock with H61 or H67. You need P67, Z68, Z75 or Z77.
  3. what is your budget, how much can you spend and at what point will you cringe and back off from spending another 5 bucks?

    you say 'stuck with a 2500K' the 2500 is an amazing CPU that i would challenge any standard or even PC gamer to max out with out trying to max it out. its more CPU than most people currently need. the z68's are not much more and in some cases less than the p67 but you have trade offs as in the cheap 68's have a single pcie and stuff like that. what video card will you be using, what is your current PSU, and how many hard drives will you have?
  4. My budget is around 15000 - 20000Rs............for the Processor and MOBO mostly for gaming and some web browsing

    Can i find an ivy bridge at this price......i am in India guys this is the biggest problem

    or tell me a motherboard at Rs.6500 with which i can overclock the CPU

  5. Anort3 suggested one from "You need P67, Z68, Z75 or Z77.".

    Please read this review....ASRock extreme 6 or MSI Z77A-GD65. Both are great Z77 mobos; the latest and affordable. You can overclock your i5 2500K. It is a great CPU to stretch it to the limit. But, get an aftermarket cooler (noctua nh-d14, cooler master h612 or corsair h100).,review-32434-22.html

    The best part of these two mobo is that you would be able to upgrade IVY Bridge down the line.

    What is that Rs? Is that the Indian Rupees or some other country?
  6. yeah its Rupees.....but i cant find those boards in india and those are expensive too...i hust want a mobo withwhich i can overclock the i5 2500K within 6500rupees

  7. That is around $120 US dollars. Gigabyte, Asus and AS Rock makes some very good boards in that price range available here in the US. Not sure if you can find one there or not for the same price.

    I don't see anything on that Bitfang website. There is a Jetway Z68 board for Rs. 7236 but it's out of stock and I would not put a 2500K in a Jetway board anyway.
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