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I know that there several answers for this question already but they don't quite hit the nail on the head. Please indulge me. I have an Acer AX3910-U4022 CPU, A Acer X191W monitor and a Acer G235H monitor. I have been trying to get the 2 monitors to work for several days now with no luck, and it is over 70 miles round trip to the local computer store. Right now I have the G235H plugged in VGA to VGA and the X191W plugged in DVI To HDMI, and when I can get both monitors to work, they operate the same. When I'm on the internet only the G235H works. Do I need to change how they are pluged in? The CPU detected both monitors but I am in a quandry as to what is wrong. Thank you in advance for any help given.
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  1. Have you tinker with windows setting? I think the default setting is copy the output...
    In XP it's in display properties, the advance tab. In 7 it's in screen resolution (right click anywhere on the desktop)
  2. Sorry for the delay but everything up to this suggestion is correct. The conputer Recognizes both monitors but when I click on the expand link in the dialog box all it does is make the desktop smaller and take away all of the icons. The second monitor still does not work.
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