Asus 6950 2gb crashes with battlefield 3

I have an Asus 6950 direct cu ii & have the same problem in battlefield 3 it either comes up within the first 5 minutes of play, sometimes after 5 or 6 games, but inevitably battlefield3.exe has stopped working or (the more common problem) my gpu seems to fail and I get an audio loop and horizontal bars on my screen. I have no idea why this is happening

Things I have tried that didn't solve the crashes:

1) disabling my second monitor and running BF3 on 1 monitor
2) manually updating PB
3) running BF3 overclocked and at stock values for cpu and gpu
4) monitoring my temps and ram usage while in game
5) running BF3 in windows basic color scheme

No other games cause my system to crash, neither does folding my gpu and cpu simultaneously or prime95. I honestly have no idea why it's crashing. I have 11.11 installed as I am using a single 6950 2GB. nothing else not even prime95 would crash my comp... i Any suggestions/advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Full system specs and what driver are you using?
  2. Rig: I7 930@4ghz,H50 Corsair,Asus P6T Se,6gig OCZ DDR3 1600MHz Intel Core i7 Edition Triple Channel Kit with OCZ cooler rev1,ASUS 6950 Direct CU ii 2gb gpu,OCZ 950 ModXStream-Pro psu,CM692adv,27"Asus HDMI+2x 19"Dells in Eyfinity G15 rev2 keyboard +G9 mouse ThermalTake Shock1 headset ,OS Win7 Home Premium ,Catalyst 11.11

    Reading another Forum has helped me solve my issue,I hope it will help others I have recently found a solution until the next fix comes along.I have rolled back my driver to Catalyst Control Centre to 11.9 & clocked my GPU (factory O'Ced to 810 mhz) back to stock clock of 800mhz, also running stock clock on my CPU and the game has stabilized in both MP & Campaign again I hope this helps others I know having to roll back drivers is a pain for those of us that like to keep up to date with the latest drivers but it's more frustrating not being able to play these great games
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