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Profile page not working?

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March 25, 2011 6:03:46 PM

So today I decided to get on my profile page here on tomshardware and to change my profile picture, and show the specs of my computer after I made a post. But when I got there and clicked to change profile picture nothing happens, and same with all the other options, none of the work. So I am not sure what the root of the problem is but I just wanted to let you all know!

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March 25, 2011 11:24:15 PM

What do you mean by "nothing happens"? As in, the picture doesn't change, or you just get a blank screen, or what? Changing your profile picture (or avatar) requires it to be approved by an administrator before appearing, and even then there's often a few hours of delay before the change takes effect. A number of forum functions happen as a batch process on a schedule, and I think avatar changes are one of those things.
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March 27, 2011 3:08:57 AM

Ah, the JavaScript issue.
March 27, 2011 7:55:33 PM

First of all what I mean by, nothing happens is when I click any of the buttons (Change profile picture, badges, change password) non of them work. I click them, and its like its a dead link or something... My mouse says that the page is loading or about 5 seconds and then the webpage stays the same, I don't go to a new web page and nothing on the web page changes.

Second I am using google chrome, but I will try ie9
March 27, 2011 7:59:56 PM

Well apparently that was a google chrome fail... Works fine in Ie9, thanks guys
March 28, 2011 2:56:55 AM

Can you right-click on a link that doesn't work, select "copy link address" and paste the result here? Make sure you're doing it from Chrome. We'll be able to see immediately if it is a problem with JavaScript or not.
March 28, 2011 2:54:45 PM

Also, is your java up to date?
March 28, 2011 7:38:11 PM


FWIW, Java & JavaScript and actually 2 different languages.

March 29, 2011 12:20:45 AM

You know what... I apparently had a google chrome extension that I didn'nt know about that was blocking the content, right as I turned it off the page loaded.