Gtx 570@ 1980x1200

I ordered a Dell Ultrasharp IPS monitor(1980x1200) on black Friday and was wondering how well would my Gtx 570 run Battlefield 3?
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  1. You will be fine, it is barely more demanding than 1080. At most drop the MSAAx4 if you have any issues with frames at all. It barely makes any difference at all to visual quality with the rest of the stuff maxed and it is a major GPU hog.
  2. Probably MAX setting OR at least from medium to high...
  3. It should run it just fine , the 570 is a powerful video card and can handle the higher resolutions . but like with anything else you will have to see what the settings will be at what resolutions you want to play at so you can get the optimal fps on the game.
  4. If you want smooth gameplay @ 60fps you could play on high settings. Note that that is average framerate, a minimum FPS can drop by 20fps during graphical intense situations.,3063-3.html The 570 would not handle ultra settings if you are looking for that extra smooth fast response gameplay, which especially competitive online should be 60 FPS.
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