Heat troubles with an I2600k + Corsair H80 liquid cooler

I recently destroyed my H100 corsair liquid cooler a product i was totally satisfied with except for a small design flaw in the molex connection leads (they broke off and ground was not marked) and i was forced to get a replacement of which i chose an H80 to save 10 dollars. (Yes it is one of THOSE stories). Upon trying to install the H80 i was required to flip the airflow of my system. I had a 200mm side fan and a 120 mm back fan draw air in while my top two 200mm fans were used as exhaust pulling the air over the radiator as it was expelled back into the room. now because of the difference in radiator size i was required to take my top 200 mm fans and flip them making them bring air in while taking my back fan and turning it into an exhaust fan with the radiator mounted on it.. i put in a second fan to sandwich the radiator between two exhaust fans both 120mm. I was also required to remove my side fan which cooled my graphics card and general system. This changed my boot up tempature according to my bios to 50c from 35ish a BIG jump considering this is when the system is turned on. However exactly sure how my system determains the tempature as i do not have any user servicable tempature probes so my data could be inaccurate but it is VERY worrisome to me what would you the community thing about the tempature and do i need to do something to fix this?
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  1. I wouldn't worry about the startup temperature. What is the idle temp after 10 minutes? What is the load temp?
  2. How can i tell the idle temp easily?
  3. It looks like im idling around 60C
  4. abekl said:
    I wouldn't worry about the startup temperature. What is the idle temp after 10 minutes? What is the load temp?

    I am idling at 60 Celcius
  5. That's a pretty high idle. You might want to look into fixing it.
  6. That is WAY high - something is not right - defective cooler, fan not spinning, not seated correctly on cpu....
  7. or the pump isnt working
  8. For CPU temp monitorng utilities, download HW MONITOR fron, or real temp .
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    as a comparison heres my 2600k on an h80 with push pull drawing air into the case

    at 5ghz and 10 minutes of 80% cpu load

    ambient temperature was 16c
  10. Yeah i figured that was off. So i remounted everything and im now idling at 34C. However while i had my old mount on there i did a stress test and idk how hot my cpu got im afraid it might have gotten up to 96c could i have damaged it. Everything seems fine but im still worried
  11. it should be ok

    modern cpus have good thermal protection built in and should shut down if dangerously hot
  12. I guess sometimes i think too old school i am always conservative about cpu heat since i burnt up a Pentium III at about 130F. But then again that was over 10 years ago
  13. modern cpus are a totally different ball game

    and coolers have advanced so much as well

    no complaints with my h80 other than the stock fans are too loud

    replaced mine with silverstone air penetrators
  14. Ya I noticed that noise however I prefer performance over noise reduction but I'll check into new 120 that could move more air when ever I feel like taking apart my case to mount my h80 took forever since my case has a weird fan mount cut
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