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I just completed a fresh build and everything worked beautifully for about a day, then the video card started blanking out randomly. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the video card to no avail. I had to leave the computer running like that for about half an hour to due to my 16 month old and when I came back the computer had powered itself off. I tried to reboot and nothing not even a post beep. the HD and all the fans spin up but that's it no video output no beep nothing. Did I just kill my motherboard or PSU by letting it run like that?
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  1. Not PSU I meant CPU
  2. Ok found the problem, actually two problems happening in tandem. I decided to pull everything and go step by step. When I pulled the MOB from the case I found an oddball screw floating around in there. I don't know where the screw came from as it was an oddball size and I was very meticulous about keeping track of all the screws I used. So if you get a Rosewill case, before installing give to a shake to make sure there are not any loose screws floating around in there. After I successfully checked the memory, I got the one long beep and two short ones I installed the video card and it successfully posted. I then hooked up the HD and got a successful boot however the video was still blanking out randomly. The only thing left was the HDMI cable or the monitor itself. I swapped out the cable for a known good one and. Voila stable video. Thanks guys your online troubleshooting guides are really helpful and full of great info.

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