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Just plugged in a brand new GeForce 9500 GT into my parents desktop because they're old one burned out. Plugged it in and at first the monitor just stayed blank. I fiddled with it some and it started up and the monitor lit up, installed the drivers, restarted, and everything was beautiful for about 15 minutes. Started messing with the net and realized I had plugged the ethernet cable into the wrong port. I changed this as I was restarting the comp and the monitor went black again. and this time no amount of messing with the connection seems to help. In case it's relevant I'm using a Zotac brand 9500 GT with the DVI port monitor hookup. Thanks for your time.
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  1. How did you plug the Cat5e or 6 into a wrong port? Is the monitor dvi hooked to the cards dvi not the on board one but the card you just put in? What happened at the end of the 15 minutes to cause you to mess around again? I or we need a little more info on the steps you have taken?

    At this point it could be a big problem or a little one. Could be a heating problem with the power supply over heating and what caused the old graphic card to go bad? and can you list your specs like what kind of desk top what kind of power supply and your CPU and monitor you are using?
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