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How to make mbr slots available?
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  1. Master Boot Record? Need to explain what you are trying to do in more detail. MBR uses address locations not slots.
  2. It is my hard disk original state:
    Local Disk(C:) 450 GB
    RECOVERY(D:) 15 GB

    but system has 2 others as:
    system 199 MB
    HP_tools 104 MB

    I want to create at least 1 other local disk, so I resized (C:) to 120 GB and 330GB volume remained as free. (I use partition wizard 5)
    When I clicking on an Unallocated space and click on "create" reply this error:
    "Partition Wizard cannot create a partition at here. There are no free MBR slots on the disk."
    now I don't know how to make MBR slots available.
  3. You can only have 4 partitions on a disk unless you use Extended partitions.
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