Hi, i am having a display issue since i bought this new pc 1 year ago. I am using ati radeon hd 5750 and having strong flickering whenever and whatever game i try to play. And sometimes it happens when im not even playing.
I took my pc to service 4 times and they said they saw nothin but its obvious that im having this problem. The last thing they did was to offer a new card and change the first one. I changed my old card to ati radeon hd 5750 ( which is my current and i dont remember first one). now with this current card im usin i had no problems in the first couple of months, but slowly the flickering came back ! now its in its climax and shaking all the display.
They say its an electrical problem in my house but i used the card a couple of months without problem. Can it be about my mainboard or something in my pc? or i should change the card again? Its driving me mad.

I have two pictures here showing the flickering on the sides of icons.
I also have colored flickering on black screens . Its not completely black but like an old tv ... :((
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