Would a 460 768mb mem SLI with a 460 1gb mem

hi i was wondering if two nvidia 460 would go into sli if they have different memory sizes? such as a 768mb memory with a 1gb memory card? seems the later 460 had more memory but i have a 768mg graphics card and id like to sli it
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  1. It should be able to be sli'd with a 1 GB GTX 460, but I don't know whether the memory would be 768 MB or 1024 MB. In sli the cards use only the memory of the first card in the series. But, with two different cards of the same series, say a GTX 470 and a GTX 465 (which are both GF 100 GPUs) the performance of the sli is determined by the lesser of the two cards. BTW the GTX 460 is a GF 104 card and not compatible with the GTX 465 for sli.
  2. The gtx 460 768 is definitely not capable of using sli with a 1mb version.
  3. Unfortunately you can't SLI GTX 460 768MB with its 1GB version unless you use some 3rd party applications(which isn't recommended).
    However,if you manage to run these cards in SLI, then the model with higher amount of VRAM will reduce it's VRAM to match the other card.

    For AMD cards it's different.
    As an example, you can Crossfire HD 5870 2GB with it's 1GB version (but again the 2GB version lowers it's memory to 1GB).

  4. hmm now the bigger question remains can my EX58-DS4 handle sli? i know it was'nt when it first came out hmm
  5. According to the overview it shows only AMD CrossFireX.
  6. Anyway SLI 2 mid range cards wasn't a good idea because of Mircrostuttering, better wait and get a high end GPU from the upcoming HD 7K series.
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