Pc wont boot after new cpu

I have an inspiron 531s with the ry206 motherboard and recently put in a new graphics card 4 gb ddr2 RAM everything was working fine. I put in a new processor the amd athlon 64x2 6000+ Brisbane 89w and now the pc won't boot. The heat sin fan runs on startup but it won't boot. is the CPU not compatible or is my power supply too weak? Gdw
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  1. Either the CPU not compatible (check for BIOS update) or bad CPU.
  2. Did you check cpu compatability before you bought?

    Is it not booting or you just don't see anything on the screen?

    How can we know if your power supply is too weak.....you haven't even told us the power supply or the graphics card is.......

    Sorry but there are not too many psychic mindreaders on this forum buddy.
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