[Please Help] Which mother board Should I get?

I have already bought all my other parts. Ram, hard drive, psu, graphics card , dvd drive, monitor , os ,ect....except the processor and the motherboard. Now i know your probably saying to yourself i should have bought those two pieces first and i was crazy not to. But if you stick with me there is a method to my madness. Up until I bought those parts i had $450 in disposable income. I knew i wanted an i2500k, but i thought thats not possible....Unless i sold my laptop. ( i have yet to sell it.) Its worth around 450-500 which is enough money for the proccessor and motherboard. So I figured since i would be buying the proccessor and mobo from microcenter and the other pieces from newegg , it would make sense to buy the newegg stuff first and have it ship while i sold my laptop because i can just drive down to microcenter and buy the parts and then put the whole thing together.
As most people know, microcenter is running a promotion. Buy a intel core proccesor and a motherboard get 50 bucks off. I figured i would take advantage of that and buy everything there. Which would allow me to buy this: 70 dollars

or this: 50 dollars after rebate

But lately i have been thinking what if i want to crossfire? First off will the oczmodxstream 600 watt 80 plus certified psu be enough to cross fire two saphire 6870s in the future? (please answer below) and if so what board should i get?

These are my options

The one i was looking at seriously was the extreme 4 gen 3 but even after the promotion its 10 bucks more than the extreme gen 3 which is the other board I was seriously looking at getting.

So in conclusion:
1)Is 600 watts enough to crossfire two 6870s?
2)If it isn't enough to crossfire which of the top two boards should i get or neither? (If neither i would apreciate a suggestion from this list )
3)If it is enough to crossfire- is 70 dollars worth it to future proof so i can do crossfire or would i be better off getitng a new card in the future?
4.) Finally, If you think i should get a crossfire cable board/ pcie 3.0 enabled board, which one should i get ? Asrock extreme 3 gen 3 from newegg? Or one from the link in question 2?
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  1. no suggestions?-bump
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    I would go with the Asus board. According to to crossfire two 6870's it recommends a 800 watt power supply.
  3. iv already bought the psu is the issue
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