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Do I have a good Graphics card?

I have a 2008 HP Pavilion Laptop Dv5-1000 with a Geforce 9600GT. Is that a good graphics card for a laptop?

Also how do you determine a good Graphics Card?
I always thought
1. MB More the better
2. Core speed, other speeds. Higher the better
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    The most important thing in a graphics card is the core. Your core is a 9600GT, which is perfectly decent:

    Now you won't be playing the newest games on good settings, but most games will play on low and older games (like Portal, for example) should play with pretty high settings.

    The list linked above compares notebook graphics cards. Here's a more general comparison that includes desktop cards:,3042-7.html
  2. Thank you very much for the replay and link very helpful!
  3. You're welcome.

    Feel free to visit the forums again or PM me if you have another question.
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