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Hi all,

I have a new HP dv6 that I got a about 5 months ago, and it is running overall slower than it should be. It is quite laggy and will lag while doing simple tasks (such as scrolling, opening my computer, etc.) as well as on firefox.
Also I have a problem with firefox and microsoft word not responding for a few seconds at a time. I will be using it, and then all of a sudden they will quit responding for a short period of time and then start responding again. It happens often and is quite annoying.
Finally, when running games such as GTA4, it seems as if my graphics card cannot handle the game. The game is laggy, the objects are blurry and take forever to focus.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
System specs:
Windows 7 service pack 1
Intel Core i7-2630QM @ 2.00GHz
8GB Ram
Radeon HD 6490M graphics card (1gb)

Thank you.
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  1. My initial reaction is to suggest a general cleanout of your HD. Windows is infamous for collecting a lot of crap, especially if you spend a lot of time online downloading things. Run through your running processes and see if there's anyhing going on that shouldn't be. Type any processes into google to check for sure what they are for.

    Maybe a virus or worm is the alternative solution. You running regular scans and keeping virus definitions up to date? Has this been a recent drop in performace, or has it happened slowly?
  2. Better do a full system format.:)
  3. Ideally that would be the solution. But I prefer to leave it as a last resort if the problem can be fixed without the upheaval/backing up etc.
  4. yeah that GPU , I am surprised you can run GTA4 at all ..prolly overheating like crazy..that CPU makes think this a laptop, which you should make has VERY good ventilation and airflow may have overheated and dmgd something like the HD, or GPU. or possibly just downloaded something nasty that is slugging up the box. lots of potential problems issues here ..have your tried a system restore to an earlier date when you know the machine was runing good ?
  5. I think it has been more of a recent decrease in performance. Although as of this moment my computer seems to be moving along nicely (this may change however). I installed all updates my computer recommended, etc.
    But even if it starts to slow down again, I can live with that. It's not unbearable most of the time, and I mainly use it for school. It just seems as if it isn't reaching it's full potential.

    I guess my main concern now is the video card. Why does GTA IV recommend a video card of "Recommended: 512MB NVIDIA 8600+ / 512MB ATI 3870+" but mine can't handle it? When I use sites like systemrequirementslab for determining if I can run a game, almost all the time I pass the test with flying colors.
    But being that this is not the case do you guys recommend that I just invest in a better desktop rig, or have the video card in laptop upgraded (if that is possible, I know it sometimes isn't)?
  6. Upgrading a GPU in a laptop is generally a bit of a hassle, and the possibility of that happeneing at all is often bespoke to the laptop. (I.E I can't tell if it's possible without some research into your laptop).

    But you are correct: im my opinion, a desktop rig is always a better solution, providing portability is not essenial.
  7. you are 99% percent prolly NOT gonna be able to upgrade the GPU in the laptop as those are integrated into the MB .. Desktops always have the better hardware first , then they later make into a laptop .. Video Card specs are tricky these days ..just cause its a newer model number does no mean that its better ,faster or more capable than last years model REALLY have to look at the specs ..and was that the Minimum Specs for GTA4 8600/3870 or reccomended specs ? wow that is the reccomended specs ..could be a driver or patch issue
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