Will this setup work?

Now not considering the case, the gfx card, the psu, the ram, and the cpu. I would like to know if this setup for mobo and cpu cooler will work.

MOBO: Asus Sabertooth z77
CPU Cooler:
Either: Cooler Master V8
OR: Noctua NH-D14

Preferably I would like to know if the V8 fits on that spefic mobo, otherwise, I believe that the Noctua fits, from what I have heard. Thank you.
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    Go with the Noctua, the V8 can damage motherboards because of it's tremendous weight! Plus the Noctua is quieter, and outperforms it! Just make sure your case can fit it...
  2. Thanks alot for the reply. Yeah, my case will be just fine - Cooler Master HAF 932.
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