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I am trying to connect two wireless routers to each other via the same home network.

I have a Westell Versalink 327w Router/ADSL modem (router-A) that acts as my Internet gateway and it is connected to two PCs (PC-1 and PC-2), and one OmniFi DMS1 Digital Media Streamer (MP3 Streamer).

In the current set up, I have PC-1 connected to router-A wirelessly and PC-2 and the MP3 Streamer wired directly to router-A via regular Ethernet cable. PC-1 is my everyday computer and PC-2 is mainly dedicated to running the OmniFi uPNP MP3 server software for the MP3 Streamer.

I purchased an U.S. Robotics USR5462 Wireless Router (router-B) in attempt to move PC-2 and the MP3 Streamer into another room and connect to them wireless via router-A.

Can anyone help me on how I should go about setting up router-B so that it can hosts both the PC-2 and the MP3 Streamer (both wired directly) while being able to communicate wireless with router-A?

I set up router-B in repeater mode, entered the router-A’s SSID and MAC, and set the same transmission mode (802.11G only) and channel as router-A. In testing I have all equipment set-up in the same room. I do not think the two routers are wirelessly communicating with each other. When I go to either PC-1 or PC-2 and check for network neighbors in Window 2000, I do not see other PC on the network. I am I missing something in the set up?
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  1. I think you just want to disable the DHCP portion of router B since you have the cable connecting them. It should be a crossover cable that connects the routers though. 1 will be the DHCP server, the other just a wireless AP. The 2 wireless devices won't be able to talk wirelessly, but with the wire you should be good. It'll just act as a wireless AP and not a Wireless Router.

    That's a start, I'm sure some of the other guys that check this forum out will give you more input since they have a lot of experience with setting up home wireless neworks.
  2. My main goal is connecting router-A and router-B wirelessly. I want to set up the MP3 Streamer and PC-2 in another room with out having to run a wire. I purchased the second wireless router b/c neither the MP3 Streamer nor PC-2 have wireless capabilities.

    BTW in the current configuration, PC-2 is headless and I control it through VPN from PC-1. I would like to be able to continue do this if possible.
  3. Unless both devices support WDS then you have very little chance of getting an AP to repeat to another AP that is not the same brand. Non WDS bridging and repeating is typically proprietary as there is no standard for it. That came with WDS. So, no WDS, no repeating. You'll need to cable to the second device.
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