How to setup two lappys on a wireless router

hi all , yes this is what I want to do at home .
im running xp pro sp3 on both lappys .
I have got one lappy on wireless , but the other one is not so easy to get up on to wireless , any ideas
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  1. is the wireless card enabled?

    are you able to see the wireless network?

    do you have the wireless password?
  2. cant see the network and yes I have the password, but not sure about the first answer
  3. some laptops have a physical switch somewhere on the side or in the front to enable the wireless network card and when enabled it should be indicated by a little light.

    also there should be Fn+Function Key which allows to turn on and off the radio.

    what make and model is the laptop that has the problem?
  4. yes I have the wireless light on the lappy .
    its a HP NC 8430
  5. it might come with a wireless network card software that you need to use instate of the Windows configuration
  6. Got it going , thanks cheers for your help :bounce:
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